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Copyright and Terms of Use


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) holds the copyright of the design, texts and audio-visual content of the website, unless otherwise stated.

The ICRC periodically adds, changes, improves or updates pages and mate​rials on this website without notice. The ICRC reserves the right to modify or discontinue any aspect or feature of the website at any time.

Use or publication of Family links website materials

Commercial use or publication: You must not use or publish commercially any part of any document, photo, video, audio, logo or graphic without prior express authorization from the ICRC.

Photos, videos, audio, logos and graphics: You must not use or copy these without prior express authorization. You must not make any modifications to ICRC copyright material. You must request permission for use from the ICRC or, for third-party materials, from the National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, agency, individual or publication concerned.

Personal and non-commercial (e.g. academic) use: You may copy texts on condition that you indicate the copyright holder and the source, and that you do not make any modifications. You must follow academic standards regarding citing and referencing sources.

Use of personal information

In order to provide restoring family links services, we may collect or publish personal data and other identifiable information (such as information on missing persons and their families, persons who are safe and well and those who are wounded or dead) on the Family links website, in the best interests of the beneficiaries and with the users' consent.

You must not copy, use, publish or disseminate personal information that may appear on the Family links website for purposes other than that of restoring family links or clarifying the fate of missing persons.

For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

Please send all requests to use personal information to

Red cross, red crescent and red crystal emblems

International humanitarian law and national laws govern the use of the red cross, red crescent and red crystal emblems. Any use that is not expressly authorized by the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols constitutes a misuse of the emblem. Among other things, these texts specify the use, size, purpose and placing of the emblems, the persons and property they protect, who can use them, what respect for the emblems entails and the penalties for misuse. Unauthorized persons must not use these emblems and other types of abuse are forbidden. Please contact for more information.

Quotes from this site

If you link to this website, please inform the ICRC by sending an e-mail to

If you quote material from this website you should quote it in its original form. If you have to make any modifications or shorten any material, you must indicate this clearly. You must make it clear that the quotation comes from the International Committee of the Red Cross. Please include a link to this website.

Links and references may refer to news items, resources and websites from third parties. The ICRC has no control over these websites or materials. Links from to non-ICRC documents, materials or websites do not imply ICRC responsibility for them, nor endorsement of them.

Enquiries and requests

For all enquiries and requests for permission to use material from, please contact​​