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About the site

Home page

In the home page, you find the following sections in the menu bar, with the content briefly described below.
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About us

Under the Section "About us" you will find brief RFL related information on the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the Family Links Network, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), National Societies, and the International Federation.
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How we work

Under the section "How we work" you will find explanations on what Restoring Family Links is and how it works, on looking for family members, on restoring contact, on reuniting families, on other services and on the Missing.
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Countries and contexts

Under "Countries and contexts" you can access each of the country/context pages. Select the region and the country, then click SUBMIT. Each country/context page describes the restoring family links services available and provides contact details of National Societies and the ICRC. Where available, stories, photos and audio-visuals illustrate the services by the National Societies and the ICRC. Links also lead to news pieces in National Society websites.
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News and resources

Under the section "News and Resources" you will find stories, photos and audiovisuals illustrating restoring family links services and resource material such as reference documents, strategy and policy documents, promotional material and productions, etc.
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Online tracing

Under the section "Online Tracing" you will find web pages on specific emergencies, containing names of person missing in relation with these emergencies. Currently, the section contains pages on the conflicts and crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Nepal and Somalia.
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Are you looking for a family member?

On whatever page you are in the website, you will see a field asking: "Are you looking for a family member?" Underneath you are asked:

  • "Where are you now?" - you can select the country where you are.
  • "Where do you think your family member is?" - you can select the country, where your family member might be.

When you then click on "REQUEST INFORMATION" the website will display a page where you find the description of the services available in the country where you are helping you to look for your family member, with the contact details of the National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, and the ICRC, if it is operational in that country.

Further down on the same page, you can click on > "Who will look for your family member.." in the country where your family member might be, and you will find additional information on the services available in that country.

For any questions and comments on this website, you can contact

Are you looking for a family member?

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