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Snapshot booklet - South Sudanese looking for their families

Online campaign to find South Sudanese families

South Sudanese people looking at the photos bookletHundreds of thousands of people have fled from South Sudan into neighboring Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya, including many unaccompanied and separated minors.

In February, March and October 2015 in Ethiopia, in April and September 2015 and in May 2016 in South Sudan, in 2017 in Kakuma and Dadaab camps in Kenya, around 3700 persons requested their picture to be also published online in this manner, to reach out to their relatives outside the region.

Should you recognize one of the persons and are a close relative, you can click on the picture and send this person a message. For enquiries related to loss of contacts with relatives or missing relatives who do not appear on these pages you can also contact the Tracing Service of the National Red Cross Red Crescent Society in your country of residence.

Please share this website widely with your family members, friends and colleagues in order to help the people displaced by the conflict in South Sudan.


ICRC Delegation in JubaICRC Delegation in Juba
Ministries Road, Amarat
South Sudan

Phone: +211 (0) 91 217 0275

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