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Background information

For persons unaccounted for in connection with the crisis in Kosovo

The 1998-1999 crisis in Kosovo has left a painful and tragic legacy. More than a decade after its end, the unresolved issue of Missing Persons continues to burden thousands of families and the society in general. The families of missing persons are left hovering, stuck in the past, unable to grieve, to plan or to think about the future. Irrespective of their origin and location, the families face a long and a painful time waiting for news on the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones.

The families’ Right-to-Know the fate and whereabouts of their missing relatives, and the appropriate response to their needs, is the main focus of the ICRC work in Kosovo.

The ICRC has been collecting information on cases of disappearance directly from the families and other sources since January 1998. On behalf of the families of the missing, it has, throughout the years, requested the authorities in Pristina and Belgrade, to provide information that may help elucidate the fate and whereabouts of missing persons, urging them to fulfil their obligation to address the families’ Right-to-Know. Out of 6024 cases reported as missing to the ICRC, the fate and whereabouts of 1770 remain unknown as of August 2012.

Based on its humanitarian mandate and in its capacity as a neutral intermediary, the ICRC chairs since 2004 the Working Group on Missing Persons. This forum is a functional cross-boundary mechanism established under the auspices of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, which aims at enhancing the dialogue and the exchange of information on the fate and whereabouts of missing persons and potential gravesite locations, between Belgrade and Pristina authorities.

Despite these efforts, numerous families still have relatives that are unaccounted for and are desperately waiting to receive answers on their relatives’ fate and whereabouts. The lack of new information on potential gravesites and the difficulties in identifying the already exhumed human remains continue to be the key obstacles to solving the remaining cases of missing persons.

The names of persons that are still missing are provided in this list. The ICRC is publishing the names of the missing in the hope of gathering further information from the public.

You might be in a position to give information about a person unaccounted for:
  • If you see your name on the list, or the name of one of your relatives, and/or if you have information on people being sought by their relatives, please click on "Contact ICRC" in the person's record.
  • If you have a close relative who went missing between 01.01.1998 – 31.12.2000 in connection with the 1998-1999 crisis on the territory of Kosovo, and want to initiate a request for tracing, please contact the nearest office of the National Society in the country in which you reside.


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