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Trace the Face - Migrants in EuropeRestoring Family Links


Participating countries

There are currently 28 European national Red Cross societies offering people the possibility to publish their photos on the "Trace the Face" Website and "Trace the Face" Posters. You can find out who is participating on the list below and also discover where the "Trace the Face"Posters will be published.

If you are a resident of a country which is not on this list, please contact your National Red Cross or Red Crescent office and ask for advice.

Country National Red Cross Society Places of posters
Austria Austrian Red Cross
- Government Reception Centers for Asylum Seekers
- Care and counseling centers of NGOs working with migrants and refugees
- Austrian Red Cross Offices in contact with migrants
- Asylum court
Belgium Belgian Red Cross
- 5 asylum seekers host centers

Belgian Red Cross Flanders
- 3 asylum centers in Flanders run by the Red Cross
Bulgaria Bulgarian Red Cross
- 3 Registration and reception centers (RRC) in the capital of Sofia (Vrazhdebna,
   Voenna Rampa, Ovcha kupel)
- RRC in the village of Banya, Nova Zagora Municipality
- RRC in the town of Harmanli
- Transit Center in the village of Pastrogor, Svilengrad Municipality
- Distribution Centre in the town of Elhovo
- 2 Special Centers for Temporary Accommodation of foreigners in Busmantsi, Sofia and in
  Lyubimets, Svilengrad Municipality
- 2 Information Centres for refugees to the Bulgarian Red Cross, in Sofia and in the town of
Croatia Croatian Red Cross
- 2 reception centers for asylum seekers
Denmark Danish Red Cross
- Reception center
Finland Finnish Red Cross
- Local Red Cross branches
- 15 reception centers for asylum seekers
- Several municipal migration offices
- The Finnish Immigration Service HQ
France French Red Cross
- Red Cross offices
Germany German Red Cross
- 22 Offices for Migration and Refugees
- Foreigner Registration Office of Berlin
- All regional and district branches of the German Red Cross Tracing Service
- In different refugee camps and foreigner registration offices all over the country
Greece Hellenic Red Cross - Central Service of Hellenic Center of Social Solidarity in Athens
- Greek Council for Refugees in Athens
- Regional Office for Asylum in Attica and Rodos
- NGO Praksis in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra
- Orestiada UNHCR First Asylum Service
- Komotini General Hospital
- Hellenic Red Cross (Headquarters, regional and local offices)

Hungary Hungarian Red Cross
- Refugee Camp in Debrecen
Iceland Icelandic Red Cross
- Local Red Cross branches
- Centre for Asylum Seekers
- Information centres for foreigners
Italy Italian Red Cross
- Red Cross Branches
- RFL Offices
- Reception Centers for Migrants and Asylum Seekers
Latvia Latvian Red Cross
- Red Cross offices
Luxembourg Luxembourg Red Cross
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Immigration Department
- OLAI (Office Luxembourgeois de l’Accueil et de l’Intégration)
- National NGO’s: Asti, Clae, Caritas
- Luxembourg Red Cross (Headquarter and Reception centers for asylum seekers)
Malta Malta Red Cross
- Asylum seekers centres
Montenegro Montenegro Red Cross
- Red Cross of Montenegro office
- Local Red Cross branches
- Center for asylum seekers
- Center for readmission of illegal migrants
- Ministry of Interior – Office for asylum
- Ministry for Labor and Social Welfare – Office for refugees
Netherlands Netherlands Red Cross
- Local Red Cross branches
Norway Norwegian Red Cross
- Red Cross offices
Poland Polish Red Cross
- Centers for Foreigners
- Office for Foreigners
Portugal Portuguese Red Cross
- Portuguese Council for Refugees
- NGOs part of the Refugees and Asylum Seekers network
- 4 migration and integration RC centers
Romania Romanian Red Cross
- Asylum seekers centers
Serbia Serbian Red Cross
- Red Cross Offices in Serbia
Slovenia Slovenian Red Cross
- Red Cross Offices
Spain Spanish Red Cross
- Local Red Cross Offices in the 52 Provinces
- Centers for Asylum Seeker (Managed by Spanish Red Cross)
- CETI´s (center of temporary accommodation for migrants). Managed by Spanish Red Cross
Sweden Swedish Red Cross - Red Cross Offices in Sweden
Switzerland SwissRed Cross
- Government Reception Centers for Asylum Seekers
- Government Transit Centers for Asylum Seekers
- Non Profit Organizations working with migrants
- Swiss Red Cross Offices in contact with migrants
United Kingdom British Red Cross
- Local Red Cross branches