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Trace the Face - Migrants in EuropeRestoring Family Links



Trace the Face is a Red Cross and Red Crescent website which helps migrants and their families reconnect.

When migrating to Europe, many people lose contact with their family back home. Others find themselves separated from relatives with whom they were traveling. Restoring contact is not always easy, all the more when your family can also be on the move. Trace the Face was created precisely to answer this challenge specific to migration: help people locate missing relatives who could be anywhere on the migratory road to Europe. This search can spread across three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa.

Created in 2013 by several European National Red Cross Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Trace the Face is a website, where people looking for their missing relatives publish their own photo. Hopefully, they will be recognized by their missing relatives or by someone who has information about them. Pictures of children under 15 are not made public, to protect them from potential harm. They can only be seen in presence of National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society or ICRC staff.

One family reconnected each week!

Thanks to Trace the Face, more and more families are finding each other. In average, one family a week, and the numbers are growing. To help even more people restore contact with their loved ones, please spread the word.

A website in 7 languages

Trace the Face is currently available in seven languages: Arabic, Dari, English, French, Pashto, Somali and Spanish. More languages are to come.

Trace the Face is also a poster

It is not compulsory to publish one’s photo online to use Trace the Face. People can also choose to have their picture displayed only on the Trace the Face poster. This poster features 16 photos of people looking for their relatives. Each month, a new poster is printed with different pictures. It is sent to Trace the Face participating countries and their respective National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society and ICRC offices. Posters are displayed in locations where they are likely to be seen by migrants.

Which countries participate in the program?

Trace the Face is a website anyone can browse, everywhere in the world. But it is not possible to publish one’s photo in all countries. The map below features countries where the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent offers this service. Fortunately, more and more countries are joining the program.

List of participating countries

If someone is in a country where Trace the Face is not available, or is looking for a relative gone missing in another situation – related to war for instance – the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent can also help them.


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