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Trace the Face - Migrants in EuropeRestoring Family Links


Background information

Families looking for their missing relatives in Europe

Every year, National Red Cross or Red Crescent Societies are contacted by hundreds of families who have lost contact with to their relatives somewhere within or on their way to Europe.

The Tracing Services of the National Societies try to help these families to find their family members.

However, the search is often difficult, because for example:

  • people are still on the move and do not have a fixed home

  • people are sometimes not officially registered in the country they are currently staying in

  • language differences affect the way of registration, names cannot be found easily

Now, the Restoring Family Links Network would like to give families the chance to look for their loved ones in an active way: families can have their photo published on our website or on Red Cross posters in several countries in Europe.

The publication of photos will give family members the possibility to contact a Red Cross office and to get in contact with their family who tries to find them.

Download: Trace the Face flyer

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