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Restoring Family Links in Burundi

​How the Family Links Network of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement can help you look for a family member, restore contact with a family member or be reunited with a family member.
We help you to look for family members in Burundi
​Within Burundi, the ICRC, with the support of the Burundi Red Cross, can try to help unaccompanied children to look for their parents and parents to look for unaccompanied children.

The ICRC also can assist in tracing family members who may have been arrested through the follow-up of allegation of arrests.
We help you look for family members in another country
The ICRC, together with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies abroad, helps people in Burundi look for family members in another country when all other communication efforts have been unsuccessful.

In particular, we try to help unaccompanied children and their parents.
We help restore contact between family members
​The Burundi Red Cross and the ICRC help people restore and maintain contact with family members living in another country through Red Cross messages. This service is provided for:
  • unaccompanied minors or separated children;
  • child soldiers;
  • refugees living in a UNHCR camp (Bwagiriza/Ruyigi, Gasorwe/Muyinga, Musasa/Kiremba, Kavumu/Cankuzo) and urban refugees;
  • detainees held far away from their families in all places of detention (within Burundi or abroad);
  • civilians who have lost contact with a family member living abroad due to armed conflict, other situations of violence, natural or man-made disasters, or migration; and
  • when other means of communication (telephone lines, postal system, etc.) are disrupted or not available;
or in other situations of humanitarian need, when possible.

We cannot accept Red Cross messages between adults in Burundi unless they are refugees, persons deprived of their freedom or in case of an emergency case.
We help reunite families
​The ICRC helps with the reunification of Burundian unaccompanied minors living abroad with their families in Burundi and helps reunite foreign unaccompanied minors in Burundi with their families in their country of origin.

The ICRC works with other international organizations to help reunite unaccompanied minors in Burundi with their families abroad when this is possible.

Any involvement in family reunification depends on authorization from government authorities.
We provide other services
​The ICRC in Burundi delivers attestations of detention for detainees whom it follows up individually.

It also forwards official documents attached to a Red Cross message for beneficiaries of restoring family links services in areas where no postal or consular services are operating or for Burundians detained abroad.

The ICRC also can issue its Travel Document upon official request from the UNHCR, IOM, diplomatic or consular authorities for people needing to travel for family reunification or resettlement purposes.

For more information, please contact the Burundi Red Cross or the ICRC in Bujumbura:

Burundi Red Cross


Calling from abroad:

  • +257 22 218 871
  • +257 22 218 870

Sending a fax from abroad:

  • +257 22 211 101

Croix-Rouge du Burundi
Rohero 1, 18 Avenue des Etats-Unis BP 324 Bujumbura Burundi

Email address

ICRC delegation in Burundi


Calling from abroad:

  • +257 22 212 908
  • +257 22 212 865
  • +257 22223280
  • +257 22243291

Sending a fax from abroad:

  • +257 22 229 837

Délégation du CICR au Burundi
Route de l'Aéroport ou Boulevard de la nation, parcelle 3513BP 3257 Bujumbura

Email address

Our services are free of charge. We will treat your information confidentially.

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