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E-learning Course: Restoring Family Links and PsychoSocial Support

Following the latest emergency responses to natural disasters, conflicts and other situations of violence, a clear need for closer collaboration between Restoring Family Links and Psychosocial Support practitioners was identified.

Burkina Faso. A Burkinabé Red Cross Society volunteer working
with the ICRC records the details of a Malian refugee family

As a part of a broader initiative in the area, the ICRC, in collaboration with the PSS Reference Center of the IFRC in Copenhagen has elaborated an e-Learning course.

This e-learning aims to increase the awareness and knowledge of Psychosocial support staff on Restoring Family Links, and to allow the Restoring Family Links practitioners to the acquire basic tools and concepts of Psychosocial First Aid.

The e-learning is recommended for persons who deal and conduct interviews with victims of family separation.

The course is accessible for all, by creating an external account, via the ICRC Campus e-learning platform 
or via the  Red Cross Red Crescent Learning platform

The 3hr e-learning is available in English, French and Spanish.

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