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Syria to Ireland: Journey to save a young life

​Abdallah and his family fled Syria due to the armed conflict in their hometown Qousseir. They entered Lebanon with nothing, not even their official documents, which turned out to be an obstacle on the path leading to Abdallah' s cancer treatment in Ireland. ICRC provided the five-year-old child and his family with the travel documents they needed to facilitate his trip to Ireland and thus put the boy on the way towards healing.
* The Travel Document of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a document issued by the ICRC to meet the specific humanitarian needs of asylum seekers, refugees, vulnerable migrants, displaced or stateless persons who, due to the lack of appropriate identity papers, cannot return to their country of origin or of habitual residence or go to a country willing to receive them, either permanently or for temporary asylum. The ICRC Travel Document is issued only for a one way trip and after the completion of visas and travel requirements.

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