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South Sudan: the first days of a photo campaign to help reconnect separated families


In the context of the violence that broke out in South Sudan in 2013, the ICRC and the South Sudan Red Cross launched an innovative photo campaign aimed at helping separated families find their loved ones and restore contact.

When violence broke out in South Sudan’s Unity State in 2013, people were forced to leave their homes in search of safety. As is too often the case, amid the chaos many families became separated. They reached safety but remained in turmoil, not knowing what had happened with their relatives.

The ICRC and the South Sudan Red Cross (SSRC), along with other National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, work to reconnect separated South Sudanese families who are victims of conflict like that which reached Unity State. Through an online and print-based project called the “South Sudan Snapshot booklet”, persons seeking lost relatives can publish their pictures in hopes of finding them.

The print version of the Snapshot project allows the ICRC and Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteers to circulate the photos of people searching for loved ones within South Sudan and in neighboring countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya. The online version of the project enables people to extend the reach of their search around the world. Since the project’s launch in 2015, around 1300 persons have also requested to have their photos published online.

See below a photo gallery of the first days of the Snapshot booklet project in Bentiu, Unity State in September 2015.

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If you are searching for a South Sudanese lost relative or might have information on someone in search of their family members, click here to visit the Snapshot booklet page.

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