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Papua New Guinea- Bougainville: School art and writing competition engages students on the topic of the Missing

​In honor of the International Day of the Disappeared 2014, the ICRC invited seven primary schools and one secondary school from Kieta District, central Bougainville to participate in an art and writing competition. Students were asked to draw pictures or write poems that expressed their feelings about their missing relatives. The aim of this activity was to engage young students on the issue of living in anguish due to them not knowing the fate of their relatives who disappeared during the Bougainville Crisis from 1989-1997. The ICRC staff decided on the winning entries and each winner (four from the primary schools, four from the secondary school) was given a personalized voucher to purchase books and school/stationary supplies. Participating schools were given a donation of sporting goods (different balls, volleyball nets, ball pumps). Below the eight winning entries of the art competition are featured.


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