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Migration in Europe

Contact Information

If you have been separated from a family member en route to or whilst in Europe, contact the nearest Red Cross or Red Crescent office in the country where you are. Click here to find the contact information of the Red Cross or Red Crescent in each country.

Services Available

Red Cross and Red Crescent staff can take requests from family members to help them look for their relatives in Europe and beyond, and help reunite them where possible. In certain contexts, we also offer free phone calls and/or Wi-Fi to those who have lost contact with their family and have no other means by which to reach them.

These services are confidential and free of charge.

Trace the Face: Photos of People Looking for their Relatives

In a number of Red Cross and Red Crescent offices in Europe, you may also have your photo taken and published on our Trace the Face website and/or displayed on posters in various locations throughout Europe. We will show these photos to other people who have approached a Red Cross or Red Crescent office and who are looking for their family.

See photos of persons who are looking for family members.

Are you looking for a family member?