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Brazil: Remembering missing loved ones


Many Brazilian families still deal with the anguish of not knowing what became of their loved ones; holding on to only their memories. On August 30 2015, the ICRC supported an activity organized by some of these families who came together to share their stories and find strength in each other.

In Brazil, many families still live with the anguish of uncertainty. The circumstances around the disappearance of their loved ones during the country’s military regime remain unclear, leaving them to wonder what became of them and unable to reach proper emotional closure. For these families, the memories of their missing loved ones is all that remains.

On August 30 2015, in commemoration of the International Day of the Disappeared, the ICRC supported a film screening to tell their stories. Documentaries of the lives of five missing persons, whose relatives had helped produce, were screened and followed by a discussion and workshop about the current situation of families of missing persons in Brazil. Through a live Internet broadcast, those families who were not able to attend the event held in São Paulo were also able to participate.

Both the ICRC and the families agreed that the event was important to keep alive the memory of those who had disappeared as well as to strengthen the relationship among those families who still yearn to know the fate of their missing loved ones.

Below, find a photo gallery of the event.

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