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  • Jordan: Syrians call home

    War  and harsh living conditions in Syria have driven thousands of families  into Jordan. In the Zaatari camp, which is the largest camp hosting  Syrian refugees in Jordan, a large number of Syrians lack the means to  stay in touch with their relatives in Syria or abroad. Through its  tracing office and with the support of Jordan Red Crescent Society  volunteers, the ICRC gives refugees the opportunity to contact their  relatives by providing free-of-charge phone calls. The ICRC also  registers and keeps track of vulnerable individuals, such as  unaccompanied minors, with a view to informing their families of their  whereabouts. Where feasible, the ICRC helps vulnerable people to reunite  with their families, whether in or outside the camp.

    08/05/2015 | VIDEO

  • Restoring family links in the Middle East and North Africa: A Video Compilation

    The ICRC and Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have been working for decades in the Middle East and North Africa to help restore contact between separated family members, enable families to visit detained relatives, repatriate prisoners of war, find information on the fate and whereabouts of missing persons and support their families. Watch scenes from various operations in the video.

    08/05/2015 | VIDEO

  • How our site works: a demonstration video is an important tool in the ICRC's efforts to restore family links and shed light on the fate and whereabouts of missing persons. The following video, which was produced in Arabic and subtitled in English on the occassion of the website's Arabic launch, explains the many features that it offers for those seeking someone who is missing. Watch it to learn more about our online Restoring Family Links (RFL) services and how the site can help you or someone you know find a missing loved one.

    08/05/2015 | VIDEO

  • Missing Persons in Lebanon: Testimonies of Red Cross Staff

    Thousands are missing, and thousands are missing them. The ICRC is collecting detailed data on missing persons due to armed conflicts in Lebanon since 1975 to share with a national mechanism and facilitate its work in uncovering their fate and whereabouts.

    05/05/2015 | VIDEO

  • Afghanistan: Poignant reunion between father and son

    Recently ICRC in Afghanistan helped Suliman, a young boy from Helmand province, reunite with his father after a long separation.

    22/04/2015 | VIDEO

  • Migrants : The Bulgarian Red Cross on the Front Line

    Report in Bulgaria, which for several years has faced a very large influx of migrants, notably coming from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. The National Red Cross Society and the ICRC regularly provide assistance to uprooted populations, for example in relation to Restoring Family Links.

    08/04/2015 | VIDEO

  • Central African Republic - Fabrice returns home

    In Central African Republic, children fleeing violence have been displaced to the interior of the country or have taken refuge in neighbouring countries. This is what happened to Fabrice, who fortunately, after one year of separation, has been reunited with his family in Bangui.

    19/03/2015 | VIDEO

  • Chad: Fallout from escalating violence in north-eastern Nigeria

    At the beginning of January, violence in the city of Baga in north-eastern Nigeria involving Boko Haram claimed many lives and sent over 10,000 people fleeing for survival across Lake Chad to the nearby village of Baga Sola. The ICRC immediately sent a team to evaluate the needs of the displaced.

    19/02/2015 | VIDEO

  • Chile: ICRC stores DNA in search for missing persons

    Alicia and Lorena are looking for answers. Some of their family members went missing in Chile between 1973 and 1990 under the military regime. They are just two of the many people struggling to reconcile with missing family members, but they haven't given up the quest to find them. As they look for truth and justice, they've given their blood samples to help trace their missing relatives. With the inclusion of DNA analyses into forensic practice, their blood samples could potentially lead to information on the fate of those missing.

    21/01/2015 | VIDEO

  • Afghanistan: Family Links website reunites mother and son

    Every year, millions of families become separated by war, disaster or migration. The Family Links website is one of the tools that the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement created in order to reconnect families. Thanks to this site, Zahra found her son after 8 years of separation.

    20/01/2015 | VIDEO

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