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  • Reuniting families in Nigeria

    When conflict and violence separate children from their families, the effects are traumatic for everyone. In Nigeria, as in countless countries around the world, the ICRC tracks down separated children and reunites them with their loved ones.

    14/01/2016 | VIDEO

  • Migrants in Europe: Keeping families together

    As larger numbers of people embark on often long and perilous journeys to reach the shores of Europe, more and more families are faced with the threat of separation. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement does all it can to alleviate their suffering, and whenever possible, bring separated families back together.

    13/01/2016 | VIDEO

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: Mother celebrates return of lost son

    Ms Tabena is back with her only son after long years apart. He was one of 10 children rescued from different armies and armed groups whom the ICRC was able to return to their village in South Kivu province. His mother speaks of her joy at being reunited with her son, but also of her fears for the future.

    05/01/2016 | VIDEO

  • South Sudan: Helping the displaced stay in touch

    Since 2013 hundreds of thousands of families have been torn apart by the conflict. The South Sudan Red Cross and the ICRC are helping them to reconnect with their relatives. Stephen Lam lives in a camp for displaced people in Juba. He is also a Red Cross volunteer helping others to get in touch with their loved ones.

    17/12/2015 | VIDEO

  • Greece: Keeping migrant families together

    More than a million refugees and migrants have made the dangerous journey to Europe since 2013, fleeing war or poverty. Today, most transit through eastern Europe, arriving in Greece and then passing through the Balkans to their final destinations further north.

    09/12/2015 | VIDEO

  • Restoring Family Links: At the heart of the ICRC's work

    In this video, the ICRC Vice President and other members of the ICRC speak about the efforts of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to reconnect and reunite separated families and the specific challenges it faces in helping migrants and refugees in Europe.

    27/11/2015 | VIDEO

  • Colombia: ICRC forensic scientist searches for missing people

    For the past two and half years, Ángel Medina Bejarano has been trying to trace people who have gone missing in Colombia's armed conflict. He knows from experience that the process of recovering mortal remains and identifying them will take many years to complete.

    09/11/2015 | VIDEO

  • Afghanistan/Pakistan: Parents anguish turns to joy on seeing their children again

    How would you feel if your children had been missing for over a year? In this short video, a family is tearfully reunited with their two young sons who disappeared in July 2014.

    02/11/2015 | VIDEO

  • Rwanda / Burundi: Torn apart by violence - Burundian families reunited

    For many Burundians on the run from the violence in their country, Mahama Camp in Rwanda will be home until it is safe enough to go back to Burundi. As with any conflict, people are not just torn from their homes but often each other. Fredric Ngango is determined to find his son.

    01/09/2015 | VIDEO

  • Syria: Pain and anguish when a husband goes missing

     Zahr-el-Ban last saw her husband three and a half years ago. Despite her anguish, uncertainty and difficult situation, she lives in hope that one day he will come back alive.

    31/08/2015 | VIDEO

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