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  • Every parent's worst nightmare

    Imagine surviving a war, only for your child to go missing.

    11/12/2017 | VIDEO

  • Helping South Sudanese refugees in Uganda find their families

    The conflict in South Sudan has led to mass displacement, separating people from their families and loved ones. Thousands have sought sanctuary in refugee settlements in northern Uganda.

    24/07/2017 | VIDEO

  • From Islamabad to Salzburg: Zainab reunited with her dad

    In an operation that mobilised the ICRC, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society and the Austrian Red Cross, a father got to meet his daughter for the very first time. Watch how three-year-old Zainab finally got to hug her father in Salzburg, Austria, after growing up in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    17/05/2017 | VIDEO

  • From Gaza to Paris to be reunited after three years

    A few weeks ago, Laila, a 7-year old girl, began a trip that she will remember for her entire life - the one that took her from Gaza to Paris to be reunited with her family.

    04/05/2017 | VIDEO

  • Nicaragua: After eight years of uncertainty, family gets in touch again

    “When my daughter told me: ‘Mom, guess what? I received a letter’. ‘Who gave you the letter?’ I asked. ‘The Red Cross brought me the letter. It’s from my father”. I told her: ‘I don’t believe you’ but when I looked at the signature, it was him. It was amazing”.

    29/03/2017 | VIDEO

  • Family separated in Boko Haram attack is reunited

    Ending years of anxiety, one overjoyed mother and father have been reunited with their daughter after losing sight of her during an attack by Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria. The Red Cross is working on many more open cases.

    22/02/2017 | VIDEO

  • Sri Lanka: A son missing, a family in turmoil

    The ICRC is contributing to address the needs of families of missing people in Sri Lanka, and advocating for and providing technical support to the authorities to clarify the fate and whereabouts of these families' missing relatives.

    22/02/2017 | VIDEO

  • An Indian's Heart – of Love and Care

    Trace the Face' service reconnected separated brothers.

    23/01/2017 | VIDEO

  • Pakistan: Reuniting separated children with their families

    In Pakistan, the Pakistan Red Crescent, with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross, restores family contact of separated children, and whenever possible, reunites them.

    03/01/2017 | VIDEO

  • American Red Cross' new RFL Helpline

    Taking our Reconnection facilities to the next level with the introduction of our New Helpline.

    09/12/2016 | VIDEO

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