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  • Central African Republic: Awa reunited with her family thanks to a mobile phone

    Awa is nine months old. Just a few weeks ago, she was living quietly with her family in a small village in the Central African Republic. On 26 January, heavy fighting broke out between government armed forces and an armed group. The village was attacked and the houses were looted and set on fire. Awa's family fled into the bush, abandoning their crops and all their belongings. In the panic, the child was lost. Like thousands of other children caught up in armed conflict, Awa was alone in the African bush.

    24/02/2012 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Côte d'Ivoire/Liberia: Ivorian children rejoin their families

    Liberia still hosts some 100,000 Ivorian refugees who fled the post-electoral violence after December 2010. As the situation in Côte d'Ivoire stabilizes, people are gradually returning. ICRC communication delegate Noora Kero travelled from Liberia to Côte d'Ivoire with seven refugee children who were on their way to rejoin their families. The children had become separated from their parents when they fled to Liberia. The ICRC and the Liberian Red Cross have registered close to 600 children and young people and traced their parents in Côte d'Ivoire. Now, they are bringing them home. Our photo diary traces Céléstine and Mohammed’s emotional journey from a Liberian refugee camp to their village in Côte d'Ivoire.

    17/01/2012 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Golan Heights: two weddings

    At the request of the Syrian population of the Israeli-occupied Golan, the ICRC acts as a neutral intermediary between the Israeli and Syrian authorities. During the past four years the ICRC has enabled four brides to cross from Syria proper into the Golan Heights. On Thursday 3 November 2011, the gates at Kuneitra crossing opened and the ICRC facilitated the crossing of two of these Syrian women, who would be joining their new families in the Golan.

    14/11/2011 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Libya: ICRC-chartered ship reunites families

    The ICRC has just finished transferring people between Tripoli and Benghazi and between Benghazi and Tripoli in an operation that started on 23 June. Most of the people we have transferred are Libyans who were working away from their home towns or visiting relatives or friends when the conflict broke out,” explained Paul Castella, outgoing head of the ICRC delegation in Tripoli. “After four months of separation, they were eager to rejoin their families and there were scenes of joy in both ports when family members were reunited.

    30/06/2011 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Thailand: families from Thailand's deep south visit jailed relatives in Bangkok

    Southern Thailand has been affected by violence since 2004, and ICRC delegates have been visiting people arrested in connection with the violence since it began. The ICRC has recently enabled 33 families to make the long trip from southern Thailand to Bangkok, to visit relatives held there in connection with the violence.

    18/01/2011 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Srebrenica: ten years on, the nightmare continues

    In Bosnia & Herzegovina, thousands of families remain in anguish, not knowing what became of their loved ones after the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995. The ICRC and other organizations continue their efforts to discover the truth.

    06/07/2005 | PHOTO GALLERY

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