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  • Djibouti: Restoring Family Links for Yemeni refugees

    Since the escalation of the conflict in Yemen in March 2015, Yemenis, as well as refugees, migrants and other third country nationals in Yemen who had the means to leave the country have fled to surrounding countries such as Djibouti and Somalia.To respond to the restoring family links needs of around 1700 registered refugees in Djibouti, the Red Crescent Society of Djibouti has set up Safe & Well phone call services in Port Djibouti as well as in several locations in Obok town and at the Markazi refugee camp nearby with the support of the ICRC.

    03/07/2015 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Loss, Resilience and Hope: Paintings from Iran by Donya Hafezi Haghani

    Donya Hafezi Haghani, ICRC Tracing Assistant in Tehran, Iran, is also a gifted painter. In the first series of paintings, she portrays in a powerful and personal way the hardships migrant women and children face. In the second, she explores the way these women wait and stay hopeful even in times when there might be no hope.

    19/05/2015 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • International Day of the Disappeared in Chechnya

    In 2014, to commemorate the International Day of the Disappeared in the Chechen Republic, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) together with the local Russian Red Cross branch organized an outdoors event with families of missing persons. The aims of the event were to publicly remember their missing loved ones, but also to encourage families to take part in social activities.

    16/01/2015 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Papua New Guinea- Bougainville: School art and writing competition engages students on the topic of the Missing

    ​In honor of the International Day of the Disappeared 2014, the ICRC invited seven primary schools and one secondary school from Kieta District, central Bougainville to participate in an art and writing competition. Students were asked to draw pictures or write poems that expressed their feelings about their missing relatives. The aim of this activity was to engage young students on the issue of living in anguish due to them not knowing the fate of their relatives who disappeared during the Bougainville Crisis from 1989-1997. The ICRC staff decided on the winning entries and each winner (four from the primary schools, four from the secondary school) was given a personalized voucher to purchase books and school/stationary supplies. Participating schools were given a donation of sporting goods (different balls, volleyball nets, ball pumps). Below the eight winning entries of the art competition are featured.

    30/12/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • The International Day of the Disappeared in South Ossetia

    ​In Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, the ICRC with the support of family associations organized an event to commemorate the International Day of the Disappeared in 2014. The event was the occasion to launch the “Life-Long Memory” book, an ICRC project with families of missing persons containing photos, memories and stories from the missing persons as told by their relatives.

    08/12/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Papua New Guinea: Family contact brings back hope for detainees

    When the ICRC began visiting detainees on the pacific islands of Papua New Guinea in 2012, it discovered many detainees had not seen or had lost touch with their families for years. A combination of limited postal and phone services, prohibitive travel costs and vast distances had led detainees to lose hope of that changing. To tackle the problem, the ICRC and the Papua New Guinea Red Cross began delivering Red Cross Messages between detainees and their families.

    05/08/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Burkinabé Red Cross keeping Malian refugees in touch with loved ones back home

    When fighting broke out in northern Mali in January 2013, tens of thousands of refugees fled into Burkina Faso. Many families were separated in the rush to escape. The Burkinabé Red Cross Society and the ICRC are working together to put relatives back in touch.

    20/06/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Bangladesh: At the service of people in need

    A photo exhibition marking 150 years of humanitarian action was held in Dhaka in June. It was inaugurated by His Excellency Foreign Minister Mr. Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, M.P. Among the 71 photos on display was a selection of images showing work carried out by the ICRC in Bangladesh, particularly between 1971 and 1975. During that period, among its many activities in the country, the ICRC distributed around 2.8 million Red Cross messages which helped reunite several hundred families dispersed by conflict.

    19/06/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Uganda/DRC: Hope renewed when family links shattered by war are restored

    In May, nineteen Congolese children, separated from their families by fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and for the past two years living in a refugee camp in Uganda, were successfully reunited with their families, thanks to support from the ICRC and the Uganda Red Cross Society.

    30/05/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Chad: Emergency relief for people who have fled the violence in the Central African Republic

    Some 90,000 people have taken refuge in Chad since December 2013, having fled the conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR). The ICRC and the Red Cross of Chad have provided essential items and helped people separated from their families make some 7,000 telephone calls.

    27/03/2014 | PHOTO GALLERY

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