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  • Senegal: A community’s commemoration of its missing youth

    On 30 August 2015, members of the Gandiole community in Senegal gathered to commemorate the 40 young people who went missing after leaving the village almost a decade earlier. During the event, the ICRC and the Senegalese Red Cross Society distributed leaflets containing legal advice for affected families.

    07/03/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Netherlands: Illustrating the plight of families of missing persons worldwide

    Photo exhibition and public event held in The Hague to raise awareness of the plight of families of missing persons. Contribution from the Netherlands Red Cross.

    03/03/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • South Sudan: the first days of a photo campaign to help reconnect separated families

    In the context of the violence that broke out in the North of South Sudan in 2015, the ICRC and the South Sudan Red Cross launched an innovative photo campaign aimed at helping separated families find their loved ones and restore contact.

    26/02/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Kyrgyzstan: Families remember their missing relatives in Osh

    Five years later, families are still trying to discover what happened to their loved ones.

    15/02/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • The bee and the medal: Monowara Sarker and the Henry Dunant award

    For Monowara Sarker, the Henry Dunant Medal rewards the busy bee's 44 years of reconnecting families and, more generally, her painstaking, meticulous work searching for missing people.

    05/02/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Kosovo: Families of the missing commemorate their loved ones

    In August 2015, 1,654 people were still unaccounted for following the 1998–1999 conflict in Kosovo. To keep their memory alive and to mark the International Day of the Disappeared 2015, families of the missing and family associations, with the support of the ICRC, held a series of commemorative events.

    29/01/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Azerbaijan: An artist's rendition of the feelings of families of the missing

    The anecdotes of families of missing persons serve as inspiration for Azerbaijani artist Orkhan Garayev's work. Through it, he captures the feelings of those living with the uncertainty and ambiguity of the disappearance of a loved one - a moment in their lives whose presence lingers eternally.

    18/01/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Brazil: Remembering missing loved ones

    Many Brazilian families still deal with the anguish of not knowing what became of their loved ones; holding on to only their memories. One august 30th 2015, the ICRC brought some of these families together to share their stories and find strength in each other.

    09/01/2016 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Nagorno-Karabakh: Families of missing persons have the right to know

    More than 20 years after the signing of the 1994 ceasefire agreement regarding the Nagorny Karabakh conflict, the humanitarian consequences are still felt every day. Approximately 4,500 Azerbaijanis and Armenians are unaccounted for as a result of this armed conflict. The families suffer, emotionally and economically. They still do not know what happened to their missing loved ones and continue to live between hope and despair.

    15/12/2015 | PHOTO GALLERY

  • Peru: Searching for the missing decades after war

    Thirty years after Peru's bloody civil war, relatives of the dead and disappeared search for turth and closure.

    27/08/2015 | PHOTO GALLERY

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