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  • Georgia: Finding dead son's remains ends ambiguity for mother

    Badri Gamgebeli went missing in September 1993 during the armed conflict in Abkhazia.

    27/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Papua New Guinea: Living in the dark, still waiting for the missing

    Arriving in Arawa Town shortly after ten on the morning of August 30th, Isabell Neriema sat sweating beneath the big rain tree in Independence Oval. She stared at the line of stores beside what Bougainvilleans call the Second White House – once the seat of the provincial government, now an empty shell of a building. Her eyes bore the vacant intensity of someone whose mind had drifted far away.

    27/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Rwanda: Son finds father after 22 years of separation

    The Rwandan genocide separated Raymond Ngendahimana from his family in 1994 when he was four. He spent 22 years not knowing whether he would see them again. But a new life began for Raymond on Friday 26 August when he was finally reunited with his father.

    15/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Red Cross Partners with PinnacleHealth to Reconnect Family Torn Apart by West African Violence

    Imagine being separated from your children due to war and not knowing how to contact them. Years go by and you wonder whether or not they are still alive. Had they managed to escape the violence? You have little information about their whereabouts and don’t know where to turn. You, yourself, are alone in a different country and speak little of the native language. Where do you go for help?

    07/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Phone Calls Project

    The American Red Cross establishes the phone calls project in order to help migrants stay connected with their families. These phone calls give migrants opportunities to receive support and opinions regarding possible dangerous decisions.

    07/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • International Day of the Disappeared: 25 years after conflicts in former Yugoslavia, 10,700 people still missing

    Belgrade (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been working with the families of the missing ever since the conflicts broke out in the former Yugoslavia and the very first tracing requests were made. The organization is deeply concerned about the slow progress made over the last couple of years on resolving this issue.

    06/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • International Day of the Disappeared 2016: The missing in Northern Ireland.

    The International Day of the Disappeared, marked each year on 30 August, recognizes people still missing through armed conflict, disaster and migration. The ICRC and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are working with families, national authorities and community organizations in over 70 countries, helping to alleviate the suffering and end the haunting silence that disappearance of loved ones leaves behind.

    02/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Lebanon: Families of missing have waited long enough

    Beirut (ICRC) – A conference on the fate of thousands of people who have been missing since the Lebanese civil war took place today. The event, organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Lebanese authorities, coincided with the International Day of the Disappeared and was attended by representatives from key ministries, the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces, as well as members of the judiciary, forensic experts and parliamentarians.

    01/09/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Ukraine crisis: Several thousand families still searching for their loved ones

    Kiev (ICRC) – Two years after the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the problem of missing persons remains acute. At least 1,000 people have gone missing, though no exact numbers are available. Today the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) opens an exhibition entitled Uncertainty: Families of the Missing on Both Sides of the Conflict, devoted to missing persons and their families on either side of the line of contact in Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

    30/08/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Sri Lanka: Families of missing persons learn to cope together

    Today was no ordinary day for Ashoka. 26 May 2016 began at 4:00 am as she prepared breakfast and lunch with the help of her mother and neighbours. Ashoka, her mother and a group of others would be commemorating their missing relatives later, by donating lamp holders to their community temple and holding a poojah (prayers).

    29/08/2016 | ARTICLE

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