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  • Researching victims of conflict

    The Agency archives contain data about individuals that has been collected by the ICRC in the course of its humanitarian work in armed conflicts and other situations of violence.

    04/01/2017 | ARTICLE

  • Missing migrants from Senegal : "And the sea took him away forever.”

    He was 55 years old when he went missing in 2006.

    20/12/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Sri Lanka Red Cross Society: Siblings reunite after more than thirty years

    Almost 33 years later, Rukmani Subbaiah found her family again, in the most extraordinary circumstances, thanks to the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.

    01/12/2016 | ARTICLE

  • RFL Network for South America meets for the first time

    The National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in South America will now be better connected. On Tuesday, 4 October, the Restoring Family Links (RFL) Network for South America held its first strategic regional meeting in Santiago, Chile.

    23/11/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Jordan: A mother and daughter make contact after two years apart

    Have patience my daughter. We will be together again one day." With these words, Sa'adeya comforted her daughter Iqra'a when she spoke to her by telephone for the first time since losing contact with her two years ago.

    17/11/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Saudi Arabia: video call reconnects Guantanamo-detainee with his family after sixteen years with the help of the Saudi Red Crescent

    For the first time, and thanks to the Saudi Red Crescent, a detainee at Guantanamo Bay was able to communicate with his family via video-teleconference.

    10/11/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Red Cross of Macedonia: Hope for everyone

    On 31 October 2016 the Restoring family links team from the transit center Vinojug in Gevgelija helped one more family to reach its final destination, Germany. With the support of the Restoring family links team, as well as the mobile team from the Red Cross of Macedonia, the family managed to reach their goal after continuous struggle and many ups and downs.

    03/11/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Malaysia: Regional training on restoring family links

    The ICRC and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies work together around the world to locate people and put them back into contact with their relatives. This work includes looking for family members, restoring contact, reuniting families and seeking to clarify the fate of those who remain missing

    03/11/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Zimbabwe: Father and son reunited after five years

    Elvis Baliwabo was separated from his father during the war in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2011 when he was only four years old. He is now eight. His mother died in the attack on his village. Elvis did not know if his father, Patrick, had survived. He fled with his uncle, Chance, to Zimbabwe and is now a refugee.

    02/11/2016 | ARTICLE

  • Ukraine: Caring for the dead

    Recovering the bodies of people killed in conflict and handling them with respect is essential, in Ukraine as in every country. Forensic personnel play a vital role, and the ICRC is supporting forensics work in Ukraine.

    20/10/2016 | ARTICLE

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