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  • The missing sons of Guidimakha

    Guidimakha is a region in southern Mauritania, bordered by Senegal and Mali. Like elsewhere on the continent, young people leave Guidimakha for other African countries or Europe. Sometimes their families lose touch with them and are left with no news, fearing the worst. The ICRC and the Mauritanian Red Crescent visited the region to meet several families whose sons disappeared in the same shipwreck in the Mediterranean.

    22/08/2018 | ARTICLE

  • World’s first International Centre for Humanitarian Forensics launched in India

    The world's first International Centre for Humanitarian Forensics (ICHF) was launched on 20 June 2018 in Gujarat, India by the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Regional Delegation for India, Bhutan, Nepal and the Maldives.

    21/06/2018 | ARTICLE

  • Rwanda: Eliane finds her family after 24 years of separation

    Eliane Ibemaso is not going to forget 29 May 2018 anytime soon. That's the day she was reunited with her family after 24 long years. Unfortunately, she couldn't meet her parents who had passed away a few years ago.

    05/06/2018 | ARTICLE

  • Cambodia: Apart for 2 years, detainee’s family finally gets to meet him

    When he told me that he had been sentenced to 20 years in prison, I felt as if my soul had been ripped apart.

    21/02/2018 | ARTICLE

  • Sri Lanka: A family torn apart for nearly three decades is reunited

    Periyasamy Ramaiah never thought his family would be torn in two. When he had started to believe he would die before his family was reunited, the seemingly impossible happened.

    14/02/2018 | ARTICLE

  • Ukraine: With ICRC help, woman takes paralytic mother home across contact line

    In October 2017, the ICRC helped reunite a seriously ailing woman from Donetsk with her daughter who lives in the south of Odesa region. Recently, our colleagues from the Odesa office visited the family in Izmail and came back with fond memories.

    18/12/2017 | ARTICLE

  • Number of families separated by conflict, violence or natural disaster at five-year high, says International Committee of the Red Cross

    New cases of relatives contacting the organization looking to reunite with loved ones have increased by almost 90% over this period (2012-2016) with 18,000 new cases opened last year alone.

    11/12/2017 | ARTICLE

  • Pakistan: Stranded in Somalia, fishermen finally return home

    A fisherman himself, 88-year-old Jamal knew that the seas could be unpredictable. So, when his son Ali, who had left with six other fishermen, did not return around the expected date, Jamal did not immediately panic. But he grew worried when weeks turned into months and the family could not establish any contact with their son.

    17/11/2017 | ARTICLE

  • Rwanda: Helping Burundian refugees reconnect with their families

    More than 55,000 Burundian refugees call Mahama camp home. The main camp located in the eastern province of Rwanda accommodates people who fled the political unrest in Burundi, which began in April 2015.

    12/10/2017 | ARTICLE

  • A journey of hope

    April 1, 2011 should have been just another regular day for the Bambas. Sara, a young mother of four, had left her two eldest with her mother while she took her youngest son, Mohamed, to a neighbouring village for medical care. Little did they know that their lives would suddenly turn upside down and that it would be six years until they were together again.

    02/10/2017 | ARTICLE

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