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Nicaragua: After eight years of uncertainty, family gets in touch again

“When my daughter told me: ‘Mom, guess what? I received a letter’. ‘Who gave you the letter?’ I asked. ‘The Red Cross brought me the letter. It’s from my father”. I told her: ‘I don’t believe you’ but when I looked at the signature, it was him. It was amazing”.

Eight years have passed since Fatima’s husband left Nicaragua for Panama to find a job. She and her daughter lost all contact with him and even with his family. Like them, thousands of families around the world are separated each year by migration, disasters, armed conflicts and situations of violence. Family separation generates multiple humanitarian consequences that can last for a lifetime, including psychological effects. That is why, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies work together to help restoring contact between families, offering free services, such as phone calls, internet points and Red Cross Messages (open letters), among others.

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